Registration for the 15th Annual MAD Week is Open!

 July 19-24, 2020

Washington Waldorf School, Bethesda, MD

All members of the Bog Band have benefited from the instruction and community of the CCE's MAD Week. In fact the original Bog Boys inspired the creation of MAD Week by founder Mitch Fanning. Now in its fifteenth year, MAD Week continues to be a place for world class instruction for students of all ages and abilities in Irish music, art, and dance.




Twelve DC Area Musicians Earn the Right to Compete in the All-Ireland Music Championships

Members of the DC area’s premier youth traditional Irish ensemble, the Bog Band, did exceptionally well at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Fleadh Cheoil in Parsippany, New Jersey.  First and second place finishers at the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh, one of only two qualifying events in North America, earn the right to compete in the prestigious Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann, the “All-Ireland” music championships to be held in Drogheda, Ireland in August. 

Twelve members of the Bog Band, ages ten to eighteen, qualified to compete in fiddle, flute, concertina, bodhran, duet, trio, ceili band, and dance competitions at the All-Ireland. The full list of Bog Band Fleadh medalists is below.   

A Fleadh Cheoil is an Irish Sean-nós (Old-Style) music competition run by Comhaltas Ceoltíorí Éireann (CCE), the Dublin-based international non-profit organization charged with preserving and propagating traditional Irish musical arts.   

All Bog Band members have benefited from participation in the CCE Potomac's Musical Arts and Dance (MAD) Week, held annually in July in Bethesda, MD. This year's faculty include Brian Conway, Mitch Fanning, Laura Byrne, Alex Boatright, and Eileen Estes, who teach the Bogs as well as many more world-renowned Irish music masters. Classes are available for all ages and abilities. Learn more and register for MAD Week here.


Under Twelve
Fiddle: first Alice Bradley, second Arjun Ramachandran
Fiddle Slow Airs: first Alice Bradley, second Arjun Ramachandran, third Keira Noonan

Concertina: second Molly Grace Moss
Duets: 1st Keira Noonan and Arjun Ramachandran

Twelve to Fifteen
Fiddle: second Maddy Moss
Concert Flute Slow Airs: first Elora Paul-Martin
Trio: second Alice Bradley/Elora Paul-Martin/Alaya Zsebenyi                                 

Rince ar an Sean Nós (dance): second Eibhleann Barbro Lynch

Fifteen to Eighteen
Fiddle Slow Airs: first Andrew Caden, second Jessica Zito, third Emily McFadden
Duets: second Andrew Caden and Kian McGeever of NY

Bodhran: second Darrow Sherman

Ceili Band: first St Aeden’s Ceili band from Pearl River, NY, Andrew Caden member

Fiddle: second Peri Leighty
Fiddle Slow Airs: third Peri Leighty

Competed with distinction: Claire O’Halloran, Zoe Zsebenyi

Members of the Bog Band at the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh after a day of solo competition

Members of the Bog Band at the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh after a day of solo competition