Bog Band, The Next Generation


Bog Band in Studio

Thanks to our 130 generous Kickstarter backers and the support of the local trad Irish community, the Bog Band spent a week in June 2017 at Airshow Takoma Park (now Tonal Park) recording tracks for their latest CD project.

The Bog Band released the CD at a concert with the Institute of Musical Traditions on March 12th.



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1. Reels: Last Night’s Fun / Doctor Gilbert’s / Spirits of Wine  

2.  Jigs: Condon’s Frolics / Castletown Connors / The Maid on the Green 

3.  Hornpipes: The Fiddler’s Contest / Fly by Night 

4.  Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny’s Chickens

5.  Barndances: The New Broom / John Doherty’s / Lucy Farr’s 

6.  Jigs: The Killimor / Pat McKenna’s  

7.  The Peacock’s Feather / The Drunken Sailor 

8.  Polkas: Many a Wild Night / John Walsh’s / Bill Sullivan’s 

9.  Air: Lament Of The First Generation (Liz Carroll) 

10.  Slip Jigs: Barney Brallaghan / Ride a Mile 

11.  Reels: Within a Mile of Dublin / Crowley’s 1 & 2  

12.  Jig: The Strayaway Child 

13.  The Parting Glass / The Green Fields of Glentown 

14.  Jig & Reel: The Orphan / Beare Island  

15.  Jigs: The Cliffs of Moher / Out on the Ocean 

16.  Hornpipe & Jig: The Sportsman’s / The Kennington 

17.  Hornpipes: The Warbling Robin / An Páistín Fionn / The Boys of Ballycastle  

18.  Reels: Bantry Lasses / Micho Russell’s / Sliabh Bloom  


Carrying on the tradition

The Bog Band inspired the inception of Musical Arts & Dance (MAD) Week, an annual inter-generational week-long summer camp and festival that features a galaxy of star instructors of Irish traditional music and dance. Over the last twelve years, MAD Week has earned its international reputation as one of the premier traditional Irish summer camps in North America. Proceeds from The Next Generation album sales will help fund MAD Week scholarship and faculty travel expense funds. By purchasing this CD, you will do much to support traditional Irish music, dance and culture in our local trad community.  

Recording Liz Carroll's Lament of the First Generation